Thursday, April 30, 2009

Psyche=brilliant (note: sarcastic tone)

Psyche kind of bothered me in this story. She is a complete idiot. Although she is a good person and does not harbor much hate in her heart, I still found myself annoyed by her about ninety percent of the time. First of all, she tries to kill herself several times but absolutely cannot suceed. "Oh shit, I screwed up. Well, better kill myself and my unborn child"; yeah, thats a great idea Psyche- bravo. She can't stem her curiosity no matter what she is threatened with. "Curiosity confounded the Psyche." Sounds pretty accurate doesn't it? I guess I can't blame her for having to see her husband after being beguiled by her evil sisters. The only good thing she did in the story was trick the bitches into killing themselves. The part that really bothered me was that she just couldn't stand it and had to look in the box Venus sent her to get. She knows Cupid thinks she is beautiful, so how can she possibly think it intelligent to disobey Venus when she is finally getting a second chance at love? Wow, Psyche, you stun me with your brilliance.

My rant is over. I have been thoroughly annoyed but now that I have written it down I can forget it :).

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